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Decentralized, deflationary, community-driven token With Stable & Profitable Yield Farming Dapp on Binance Smart Chain

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Decentralized Currency from People to People

MetaDroid project that has one goal: To make crypto investing safer for all irrespective of experience or knowledge. The people want to control of their token, and strong communities of HODLers can be built that have each other’s back

MTD Success Goals

For novice investors, metadroid is one of the utility tokens that has the most ideal project that can help and can be an educational resource that will expand their knowledge allowing for better decision making. For the experienced investor who may spend a lot of time researching the next investing project, MetaDroid will be a research tool that mitigates risk and frees up the necessary time. For developers of projects, MetaDroid has features that will be used to give their investors assurance that the project is legitimate and not a scam.

MTD has created a decentralized, deflationary, community token that is by the people, for the people.


MetaDroid Token a ultimate utility token to help community and make everyone profitable with financial security.


The Metadroid Future is in the hand of the community that believes and fully supports this project which will strengthen our mission and bring much needed transparency to a sector especially in the field of crypto and to help the general public. And because of this the metadroid will be the one to prove to those who have sunk into controversy because of the amount of scams that take place every day. MetaDroid will be a thorn in the side of all scammers and threats that are currently acting with impunity and making life a misery for so many people.


An engaged, voracious community deserves full transparency from the asset they love. That’s why mtd is now, and will continue to be the most transparent meme token on the market.

Secure, Safe and
Easy to Use MTD Future

Designed to be simple, sleek and easy to use, the MTD
Future has been built with the user in mind.

Followfor Updates
  • This app will be available on
    iOS and Android platforms

Why MTD? Simple, Trusted by Community

People choose us because of our mission and vission. We like to think it’s also because we have a great community!

Strong Community

MTD community is strong and we have investors that strongly believe that this project will reach 1M MarketCap. MTD is 100% community driven. With MTD, the community will earn unrestricted profit everyday.

Safe Investment

Liquidity is locked for good immediately after launch. LP tokens were sent to burnt address which means the liquidity could never be pulled out to insure our investors peace of mind.

Transaction Fees

6% Tax Fee will be deducted from every transaction which will burn the tokens and increase the demand. Other fee will make support to their yield farming dapp.


Mint NFT’s will be a huge part of our project. MTD Token will create, sell NFT’s and other types of Collectables on our exclusive market place SOON..!.

Tokenomics and
Token Distribution

The MetaDroid Token is a community driven DeFi Token. Five simple functions occur during each trade: BNB Dividends, LP Acquisition, Burn, MTD Smartcontract & Charity.

Tokenomics BSC

      • Token Name

      • METADROID Token

      • Token Symbol

      • $mtd

      • Tokens Burnt

      • 60% Burnt

      • Tokenomics

      • 6% Each Transfer / Buy / Sell

      • Total Supply

      • 50,000,000,000,000

MTD Moonmap,

When you see the moon through mtd’s eyes, you see what a remarkable place it really is. It’s a new world filled with adventure, laughter, and excitement.

Phase 1,
Q2 - 2022Completed

  • MTD Token Contract Creation

  • MTD Token Website Creation & Branding

  • Build Trusted Community

  • MTD Token ads & TG marketing

  • MTD Token Stealth Launch

  • Fair launch

  • Twitter Influencer promos

  • Commence MetaDroid marketing strategy

  • 60% MTD Supply Burn

  • Coinsniper, Coinhunters & others Ads

Phase 2,
Q3 - 2022Completed

  • Aim to Create Ecosystem

  • MetaDroid Ecosystem testing

  • Aim to Ecosystem launch

  • Contract audit

  • Celebrities & Influencer Shoutouts

  • Launch MTDSEED

  • Launch MTDmultistake

  • Weekly AMA’S on appropriate platforms

Phase 3,
Q4 - 2022In Progress

  • Further Develop and expand our Ecosystem

  • Expand brand awareness and develop use case product

  • Develop MINT NFT

  • Consider strategic partnerships

  • The MetaDroid Board will explore future use-cases including but not limited to NFT's

Phase 4,
Q1 - 2023

MTD Token will adapt accordingly to market incentives and community requirements and develop the project in order to go mainstream

mtd Moonmap, Fasten Your Seatbelt


While we are busy for making platform, you can earn daily MTD to the Moon using yield farming dapp.


Want to Get Involved?

The mtd Token community users, HODlers and enthusiasts all over the world;

  • Arabia

  • India

  • China

  • Russia

  • Brazil

  • Indonesia

  • Philippines

  • Turkey

  • Germany

  • Iran

  • România

How to Buy
MTD Token?

This guide will give you all the information you need to get started with Metamask today

Create a MetaMask Wallet

$mtd Token is available for purchase. Market leader in BEP20 (Binance Smart Chain) wallets, MetaMask is available iOS and Android or


You can buy $mtd on PancakeSwap or MTDswap with these contracts

Stay with PancakeSwap

Either purchase $BNB through MetaMask or transfer from another Wallet (e.g. Coinbase or Binance) to MetaMask wallet.

Swap $BNB for $mtd

By connecting your Wallet, you are able to swap $BNB for $MTD. Easy & Hassle free!